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Introduction and Aim of the Manual

Welcome to the world of Citizen Advocacy!

Some time ago, at a Citizen Advocacy NSW Association meeting, it was suggested that a manual for Board members would be helpful and the Citizen Advocacy NSW Association office was asked to develop it.

The active involvement of Board members in establishing and maintaining a successful Citizen Advocacy Programme is essential in order to provide insightful direction, to recruit, support and supervise staff and to provide stability and continuity for the Programme. Individual Board members also assist in developing links with the local community. Over time Board members need to develop a deep understanding of Citizen Advocacy practice and be aware of what happens in the relationships supported by the Programme. The Citizen Advocacy Board has the over-all responsibility for the Programme.

The aim of this manual is to provide basic information on Citizen Advocacy, the role of the Board and the role of staff. It will not give the definitive ‘how to’ but aims to be a starting point as:

- a general resource for Board members;

- an orientation to the role for new Board members;

- a useful tool for Steering Committees;

- a basis for discussion for Board members and staff;

- a place to keep Citizen Advocacy information.

The manual is designed in sections so that new material may be added. Each section contains information relevant to the practice of Citizen Advocacy, Board roles, staff roles, history, evaluation and Programme details. The Resource section contains ideas, articles and further reading.

The manual has been developed with the assistance of the Citizen Advocacy NSW Association Board members and Stephen Booth, a long serving Board member with the Western Sydney Citizen Advocacy Programme. We welcome your thoughts and comments on the contents and layout, ideas for further inclusions and invite your feedback.

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