Citizen Advocacy Board Manual
Section 7

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Programme Information

(Items worth recording by each Programme)

1. Board Members: Name, Address, Phone/fax/email and Position

Committees/Working Parties/Taskforces

2. Staff

Name, address, phone numbers of all staff

Position, date employed, Award, Superannuation fund

3. Workplan/Annual Recruitment Plan for Proteges & Advocates

4. Most Recent CAPE Report

5. Incorporation Details

Date of incorporation, Registered Number, Act (eg. Associations Incorporation Act, 1984 [Sect 14 (5)]),Tax deductibility status

6. Funding Contract

Name/s of funders and contact name, Funding Contract/s, Accountability and due dates (Half-yearly Reports, Service Outlet Performance Plans, Self Assessment, Audit, Action Plan, Verification)

7. Membership form of Citizen Advocacy NSW Association

8. Lease Details

Name, address of Lessor and contact name, Date of Lease (commencement and expiry), cost, increments and other relevant details.

9. List of Assets

Car, furniture, computer, photocopier, phones, fax etc. with date of purchase, depreciation rate.

10. Banking

Name and address of Bank, Operating Accounts (Cheque Account /Term/Security Deposit), petty cash drawn, credit cards and limits etc.

11. Insurance

Name and address of companies, Type, amount, policy number & cost of insurances: Fire/Theft/Burglary/Public/Car/Workers Compensation/Professional Indemnity etc.

12. Constitution of Programme

Annual General Meeting requirements etc., name of auditor

13. Published material - Newsletter/Brochures/Annual Report

14. Board Calendar