Articles by Mitchel Peters about Citizen Advocacy

Mitchel Peters, while coordinator at Citizen Advocacy Eastern Suburbs in Perth, Australia, wrote a series of insightful and sensitive articles about Citizen Advocacy. They were published in Inroads, the programme's newsletter.

These articles are part of the Citizen Advocacy Network website,

in the section on articles and policy documents

Swimming against the tide: why Citizen Advocacy will not gain wide acceptance, Inroads, Issue 1 (October-December, 1995)  

Doing what comes naturally: Citizen Advocacy as a culturally typical response, Inroads, Issue 2 (January-March, 1996)

A caution against placing undue faith in apparently sound policies and procedures of service organisations for people with disabilities, Inroads, Issue 3 (April-June, 1996)

Walking the tightrope: inherent tensions which characterise the key activities of the Citizen Advocacy office, Inroads, Issue 4 (July-September, 1996)

Standing by another: the power of personal, unpaid commitments, Inroads, Issue 5 (January-April, 1997)

Reconciling to the fallibility of always "getting it right" when sincerely acting in the interests of another, Inroads, Issue 6 (December, 1997)

Relegated to the back-seat of life: reflections on the losses experienced by a person with a disability, Inroads, Issue 7 (August, 1998)

The importance for Citizen Advocates to develop "standing" in representing their proteges, Inroads, Issue 8 (December, 1998)

As times go by: the tragic life-wasting fate of people with disabilities, Inroads, Issue 9 (August, 1999)

Why it is neither necessary nor desirable for Citizen Advocates to receive technical training as a pre-condition to the advocacy engagement, Inroads, Issue 10 (May, 2000)