Maintaining the passion

How can staff, advocates and board members maintain their passion for citizen advocacy? What inhibits passion?

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The questions above were circulated to board contacts in the Citizen Advocacy Network in 2002. As well, they were the theme of a session at the Weekend in Woombye in June. The following responses were received.


Ideas raised in a session at the Weekend in Woombye, 21-23 June 2002


Positives: what helps maintain passion

1. Identification with people with disability

2. Personal relationships within the movement

3. Outrage at social injustice (life conditions of vulnerable people)

4. Learning and evaluations

5. Self-respect


Negatives: what inhibits passion

1. Personal

2. The programme's work

3. The wider society


Response from Illawarra Citizen Advocacy

The following points were raised at our May board meeting.

Beliefs and awareness



Seeing results


Response from Maurice Maneschi, Chairperson, Citizen Advocacy City West

Telling a protege's story and some of the advocacy outcomes. Coming from a business background, it is easy to take a lot and forget your privileged status. The work of CA is grounding. It is an opportunity to be involved.

It brings balance to a lifestyle.

Passion is maintained out of doing my own advocacy. The board work is an opportunity to support more of it. It is great to be able to talk to others about the CA work. Seeing the corporate image of the CA office. Our printed material looks great and I get a buzz out of keeping it that way. When meeting a protege for whom a crisis had developed, when I walked into the room "she saw me and started crying". In CA, we keep seeing that one person can make a difference. From talking to the people on the phone. It is brilliant to see how they change. Being there - where things happen.