The University of Wollongong

Conditions for Use of University's Name 

1. Commercial Activities

The name of the University or of a section thereof shall not be used in connection with any outside activity of a business or commercial nature, except with the prior consent of the Council. The Council will not give such consent if the use of the name is in any way related to advertising, and may, in its absolute discretion, give or withhold its consent in any other case after considering the application for consent and any other matters which it may consider relevant.

2. Public Statements by Members of the University Staff

Members of the University are encouraged to participate in public debate on issues of professional and public concern. In doing so, the following guidelines should be noted.

(1) The views of concerned and informed individuals are an essential contribution to public debate. However, there is a diversity of opinions on most issues and it should not be assumed that individually held opinions are shared by all members of the University community. Careful consideration should be given therefore, to avoid the use of the University affiliation in public debate in a manner which implies that collegiate agreement with a particular view has been established where it has not.

(2) Individual members of the University wishing to participate in matters of professional or public debate on behalf of a group of colleagues should have previously been granted formal delegated authority to do so after collegiate agreement on those views has been reached by a clearly established and mutually agreed process. When these views are presented by a member of the University care should be taken to attribute them to the particular group which that member represents.

(3) Views which are attributed to the University as a corporate body can only be made by officers of the University duly designated by Council to act on behalf of the University or by staff members designated by Council, or their delegate, to represent the University's position on individual issues.

(4) Where doubt exists about the appropriateness of using the University title or name, the staff member should, in the first instance, discuss the matter with the Vice-Chancellor.


[Approved by Academic Senate, 13 December 1995]

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