Science, Technology & Society, University of Wollongong

STS390, Media, war and peace, 2005

This is a selection of outstanding project reports from this class.


Adam Zuchetti on Rwanda and genocide

Aiobhe Tobin on the 2005 killing of Robert McCartney in Belfast and backfire

Alana Kellam on No Petrol Day and communication/nonviolence

Alex Cousins on Rwanda and genocide

Angela Virtue on the 24 September US antiwar protest and communication/nonviolence

Hilary Smith on the Rwandan genocide and backfire

Holly Kerr on Hurricane Katrina and disaster

Jessica Lowe on the 1999 Seattle protests and communication/nonviolence

Katherine Hall on the 2005 Andijan massacre in Uzbekistan and backfire

Magaly Rohé on the Madrid bombing and lying

Tarryn Cooper on Rwanda and genocide


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