Top shorts from "Media, war and peace"

University of Wollongong

This is a selection of outstanding short talks from the third-year subject "Media, war and peace".

Assignment description
A short is a brief presentation relating a media item to a theory or concept. Choose a media item and tell how it relates to a theory or concept related to peace/war/violence/nonviolence.

Your media item can be a newspaper or magazine article, video clip, email message, webpage, photo, blog, tweet, etc. Tell a little bit about the item, for example who created it, where it's available, how you found it and what its significance is. You're welcome to supplement the media item with others.

You should also discuss at least two sources - normally books or scholarly articles - about the theory/concept. Tell what these sources say as well as giving the full references.


For details about the assignment see page 13 of the subject outline for 2015.

Georgie Beresford on satyagraha

Isabelle Chesher on torture

Leah Foster and Juliette Sharp on nonviolent action

Mahdia Islam and Alex Aleksovski on genocide


For details about the assignment see pages 14-15 of the subject outline for 2014.

Alannah Curry and Noemie Piccione on euthanasia

Ash Heien on protest music (password BCM390 Ash)

Michael Rees on riots

Pia Savoie on culture jamming


For details about the assignment see page 5 of the subject outline for 2013.

Ayla Black on nonviolent action

Caitlin O'Connor on nonviolent action

David Fairclough on militarism

Sally Lavers on satyagraha

Stormi Poulton on culture jamming


For details about the assignment see page 5 of the subject outline for 2012.

Brittany Reeves on deciphering violence

Elise Borg on protest music

Garth Andrews on grammar of war discourse

Hailey Wood on nonviolent action

Mary McCormick on culture jamming

Melissa Thelan on genocide



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