Whistleblowers Australia

Whistleblowers Australia is a national organisation relying entirely on volunteers. Our members are whistleblowers and their supporters. We encourage self-help and mutual help among whistleblowers, and we support campaigns on specific issues such as free speech for employees and whistleblower legislation. We do not undertake formal advocacy on behalf of individuals.

Membership is open to anyone who supports the group's aims. Our modest income, about $5000 per year, comes from memberships and donations. We publish a newsletter, The Whistle; all issues are available below.

If you want to contact someone about whistleblowing matters, email or phone a member of the national committee. If you want to read information about whistleblowing, go to basic information and, for more detail, to documents on suppression of dissent.


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If you need advice or information, contact Cynthia Kardell, Brian Martin, Robina Cosser, Margaret Love or others on the national committee or listed on the the back page of the latest issue of The Whistle (see below).

National committee: emails and phone numbers

Postal address: PO Box U129, Wollongong NSW 2500

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The Whistle

The Whistle is the newsletter of Whistleblowers Australia. These issues contain a large amount of information about whistleblower cases, analysis of problems, taking action, etc. Issues are in pdf except for numbers 5-10 and 12-25.

Other documents

Whistleblower cases of national significance


Motions passed by the WBA National Committee and at AGMs, 1996-1998
Workshop, May 1995
NSW newsletter, April 1995
NSW newsletter, March 1995
NSW newsletter, February 1995
Newsletter, July 1993
The Whistleblower, March 1993
Conference agenda, March 1993
John McNicol, "Whistleblower protection legislation", March 1993
John McNicol, "Public service scandal", no date (1991-1993)
Whistleblowers Anonymous leaflet, no date (1991-1993)

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