Edward Hooper, The River: A Journey Back to the Source of HIV and AIDS
Boston: Little, Brown, US$35; Harmondsworth: Penguin, £25; 1999
Second edition (with a new postscript), Penguin, £10.99, 2000


Articles, reviews, commentaries and responses

Articles by Edward Hooper

"Genesis of AIDS: Mother Nature, or the hand of Man?", Science as Culture, 2000

Statement to the press, 6 February 2000

"River of tears", Guardian, 5 April 2000

"How Aids was unleashed upon Africa", Observer, 9 July 2000


Reviews, commentaries and responses

Amazon.com, review by Claude Koprowski, 12 October 1999. Reply by Edward Hooper.

Daily Telegraph (UK), review by Matt Ridley, 1 March 2000

Economist, review, 13 November 1999

Irish Times, interview by Penelope Dening, 31 August 1999

Lancet, review by David Sharp, 25 September 1999

London Review of Books, review by Roy Porter, 2 March 2000

Los Angeles Times, review by Marlene Cimons, 23 December 1999

Nature, review by John P. Moore, 23 September 1999. Unpublished letter in response by Edward Hooper.

Nature Medicine, review by Simon Wain-Hobson, October 1999. "HIV researchers upset by Royal Society discussion of River theory", article by Karen Birmingham and Myrna Watanabe, May 2000. Unpublished letter in response by Edward Hooper.

New Scientist, review by Charles Gilks, 13 November 1999.

Newsday, review by Laurie Garrett, 14 December 1999

New Statesman, review by Tony Barnett, 31 January 2000

New York Daily News, article by Juan Gonzalez, 29 October 1999

New York Review of Books, review by Helen Epstein, 2 December 1999

New York Times, review by Lawrence K. Altman, 30 November 1999. Letter in response by Stanley A. Plotkin and Hilary Koprowski, 7 December 1999. Reply by Edward Hooper. Story by Lawrence K. Altman, 21 March 2000.

Philadelphia Inquirer, review by Huntly Collins, 8 November 1999

Politique Africaine, article by Joseph Benarrous, forthcoming

POZ, review by Timothy Burton, March 2000

Prospect, story by Matt Ridley, June 2000

Science, review by Robin A. Weiss, 12 November 1999. Letter in response by Stanley A. Plotkin and Hilary Koprowski, 24 December 1999. Reply by Edward Hooper, 14 January 2000.

Science as Culture, review by Brian Martin, 2000

Scotsman, article by Ruaridh Nicoll, 24 June 2000

South African Sunday Times, commentary by Andrew Donaldson, 14 November 1999

Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey), article by Carol Ann Campbell, 26 December 1999. Letter in response by Edward Hooper.

Times Higher Educational Supplement, review by Robert Trivers, 18 February 2000

Virologie, review by F. Horaud, March-April 2000.



Houston Press, by Brad Tyer, 20-26 January 2000, about Tom Curtis's vindication by The River.

News report, by David Morgan, 8 November 1999

Amit Chitnis, Diana Rawls, Jim Moore, "Origin of HIV Type 1 in Colonial French Equatorial Africa?" AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2000, pp. 5-8, with a reply by Edward Hooper


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Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS

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