Origins of HIV and the AIDS Epidemic


London, 11-12 September 2000
Papers, press releases, media stories and responses


Claims and counterclaims: Koprowski, Plotkin and Hooper

Hilary Koprowski, Press release

Stanley Plotkin, Press conference statement and Backgrounder for press

Edward Hooper, Response to Plotkin's and Koprowski's press statements

Edward Hooper, Backgrounder on the origins of AIDS debate


Testing of Wistar samples

Articles in Nature and Science, April 2001, reporting tests of polio vaccines and assessment of phylogeny of HIV.

Wistar Institute press release, 11 September 2000

Media reports on testing of Wistar samples (compiled by Billi Goldberg)

Billi Goldberg, Commentary on testing of Wistar samples, 11 October 2000


Papers presented at the meeting 

As published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Series B, 2001

Edward Hooper, position paper, 14 June 2001

Coinciding with publication of papers in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society

Conference summary

Jonathan Weber and Keith Alcorn, Medscape conference summary

Media coverage

Specific to the Royal Society meeting

Steve Connor, Independent, 8 September 2000

James Meek, Guardian, 12 September 2000

Jon Cohen, Science, 15 September 2000

Matt Ridley, Daily Telegraph, 15 September 2000

Anonymous, Economist, 16 September 2000

Roger Highfield, Daily Telegraph, 21 September 2000

General, covering the Royal Society meeting and much else

Jon Cohen, The Atlantic, October 2000

William Carlsen, San Francisco Chronicle, 14-15 January 2001

This document is located amongst material concerning the Royal Society meeting, in the section on polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS on the website on suppression of dissent.

Brian Martin
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