Facundo on Freire

Paulo Freire is a widely known and respected advocate of "critical pedagogy". In 1984, Blanca Facundo wrote a critique of Freire's ideas and her own experiences using his methods. Facundo's critique is a strong dissenting view to the largely uncritical admiration for Freire's work. Included here are Facundo's lengthy critique plus various commentaries, notably Robert Mackie's critique of Facundo's essay and John Ohliger's bibliography and article.

Brian Martin, "Editor's introduction"

Blanca Facundo, "Freire-inspired programs in the United States and Puerto Rico: a critical evaluation"

Comments on Facundo's essay published in Alternativas

Robert Mackie, "Confusion and despair: Blanca Facundo on Paulo Freire"

Blanca Facundo, "A reaction to a reaction"

John Ohliger, Taking Freire and Illich seriously

John Ohliger (ed.), Critical views of Paulo Freire's work

Blanca Facundo can be contacted at bfacundo@worldnet.att.net.

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