Leroy J. Pletten's story

Leroy Pletten is a whistleblower in the U.S. government (Dept of Army). He reported underlying aspect re alcoholism, abortion, drug abuse, etc., re which the latter issue is now a matter of great concern in the U.S., in the context of the money-trail to terrorism.

Of course, Pletten was not appreciated at the time; he was ahead of his time. The Army responded, not with thanks for his whistleblowing that could save lives, but with claiming it fired him!

In disregard of the rule of law, basic human rights, even minimal due process, the Army did not fire him not pursuant to the U.S. law on how to do it, meaning a 30 day advance notice with specific charges! That deficiency makes a firing void, a nullity. It's as if a spouse tells the other one, 'I divorced you,' but didn't file the necessary legal papers! They remain married regardless of the 'divorced' claim! Likewise under U.S. law, the employee remains an employee, regardless of the 'fired' claim.

When Pletten sought judicial review, the U.S. Army committed fraud, pretended his case was "settled," and had it dismissed! And kept the dismissal secret!

Pletten has been researching precedents. Fraud is not allowed (at least not on paper!), so he has filed legal papers to reopen his fraudulently dismissed case. A copy is available at http://medicolegal.tripod.com/stareopen1985.htm .

Naturally he wants genuine review on merits to occur, in which he expects to win like all others ousted without the legally required 30 days advance notice of charges. Nobody has ever lost such a case, except of course, the whistleblower!

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