you got fired for writing that book?  wow, that sucks.


i read it in the hot tub a couple mnths ago — i had picked it up while browsing thru the “business self help” section which i found comical — i was reading and laughing at these business management type books — they amuse me


then i saw this 1 book nestled in the batch that was actually critical of the genre — it was funny


so I picked it up and read it in the hot tub that nite


the management types who fired you shld try to argue with the ideas expressed in the book rather than fire you for expressing same


because by their firing, they’re actually lending evidence to the very analysis of the workplace that you had offered in the book


they’re showing that the corporate workplace functions pretty much according to the “model” you had proposed


the north american workforce with its self help book genre and its hr and pr industries is really silly — they seem to be the most incredibly thoughtless, indoctrinated people ever to appear on earth


i hope they’re a mutation that simply goes away


Matt L.