Susan M. Rosenthal, MD

Director, Trauma Therapy Training

Adler School of Graduate Studies

Toronto, Canada

22 July 2005



Hi Jeff,


I found your book extremely helpful in explaining my own experiences.  I recommend it to all of my students and I placed a copy in our school library.


Thank you for speaking up for all of us.  It is so important that there is a public campaign for justice in your firing.  Protecting those who speak out is necessary to encourage more people to "break ranks" and put humanity first.


In solidarity,


Susan Rosenthal



Also, here’s a compliment from one of my students...


Dear Susan,


I want to thank you for suggesting that I read "Disciplined Minds."  It has had a very profound impact on me, not as much for telling me about new and unexpected things, as it has helped me to crystallize and understand some things that I have observed over the years but had no clear explanation for.  I intend to purchase it and keep at my bedside while I complete, eventually, a doctorate!


Thank you,


Roberto Jankowski-Alfonso