Articles by Marek Wronski

published in Academic Forum and translated from the Polish by Anna Schneider or Voy Le Vitzki


Dean of Law Prof. Justynski arrested!, March 2016

Nightmarish legal maze shields research fraudster at Nicolaus Copernicus University, February 2016

The unholy priest (or the plagiarisms of Father Tymosz), July-August 2015

Time of deceit (or how to lose reputation), June 2015
Fox guarding the chicken coop, comment by Voy Le Vitzki, March 2016
How esteemed Prof. Szarota promotes plagiarism, comment by Voy Le Vitski, September 2016

Pirated from Cambridge into Cracow, February 2015

Professor on the run, November 2013

French translation expert or Polish translation plagiarist?, September 2013

Accusations against a dean, July-August 2013
Lawyer correspondence about this article, September-October 2015

Gained in translation (and then lost), June 2013

The pirate maiden and the philosophers, January 2013

Extravagant mercy for a fallen scholar, July-August 2012

Professor chameleon, June 2011


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