Suppression of dissent

Submission procedures



Contact information is provided on groups and networks dealing with whistleblowing, suppression of dissent, free speech and related topics. Groups should send information for this section to the editor, Brian Martin. Updates on contact information should be sent through the organisation concerned.

Due to changes and movements, it is inevitable some of the information in this section will be out of date. Please take this in account if you have difficulty contacting any particular organisation or individual.


This section includes articles, reports, memos and other documents dealing with suppression of dissent and related topics. Proposed contributions should be sent to the editor, Brian Martin. Submissions will be judged on suitability for the section, readability, accuracy and social importance. If appropriate, advice will be sought from readers and lawyers. All submissions will be acknowledged and decided upon as soon as possible.


Corrections and comments dealing with documents published here are welcome. In the case of proposed corrections, the original author will be invited to make changes. Comments may be appended to the article in question. Send all items to the editor, Brian Martin.

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