Doing good things better

Brian Martin

Brian Martin, Doing Good Things Better (Ed, Sweden: Irene Publishing, 2011). ISBN 978-91-978171-1-0

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Separate chapters

Contents and acknowledgements

1. Introduction

2. Writing

3. Happiness

4. Citizen advocacy

5. Honour codes

6. Health

7. Organisations

8. Chamber music

9. Conclusion

Appendix. A long road to looking at good things


From the back cover

Good things in life, such as happiness and health, are often taken for granted. All the attention is on problems. Yet good things do not happen by themselves - they need to be fostered. How to do this is the theme of Doing Good Things Better.

For years, Brian Martin has studied tactics against injustice. He has now turned his strategic focus to good things, looking for common patterns in what it takes to protect and promote them. Some of his topics are familiar, like writing and happiness. Others are less well known, such as citizen advocacy and chamber music. The same basic tactics are relevant to all of them.

Doing Good Things Better provides ideas and inspiration for fostering the things you care most about.

Brian Martin is professor of social sciences at the University of Wollongong, Australia. He runs writing programmes, teaches a class on happiness and plays the clarinet.


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