Intellectual suppression

A special issue of Philosophy and Social Action, Vol. 14, No. 1, January-March 1988
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Brian Martin (guest editor)

Brian Martin, "The issue of intellectual suppression", pp. 3-13

Avi Adnavourin, "Academic assassination and a three-university plagiarism coverup: the case of Robert M. Frumkin", pp. 15-19

R. M. Frumkin, "The psychological and biosocial consequences of academic suppression", pp. 21-25

Cedric Pugh, "The height of ignorance in housing", pp. 27-40

Fumihiko Satofuka, "The Japanese anti-pollution movement", pp. 41-50

Clyde Manwell and C. M. Ann Baker, "Information flow in agriculture: the major interest groups and their interactions", pp. 51-64

C. M. Ann Baker and Clyde Manwell, "Agricultural suppression: Lysenkoism versus pesticides", pp. 65-85

Dhirendra Sharma, "Intellectual suppression: India and the Third World", pp. 86-94

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