Brian Martin: website hits and citations

To compare the social impact and scholarly recognition of my publications, I collected figures for website hits in 2006 and citations from the date of publication through March 2007. Because only some of my books are available online, I've given a ranking number for the top 10 articles in each list.

This material is discussed in "Scholarly recognition or social impact: not both?", Campus Review, 24 April 2007.


Top 20 publications according to website hits in 2006. The top 10 articles are indicated.

"Defamation law and free speech" [leaflet] (1996), 43325 hits

Information Liberation [book] (1998), 18709 hits

#1, "Squatting for the prevention of haemorrhoids" (1996), with Christine Dimmer, Noeline Reeves and Frances Sutherland, 15869 hits

#2, "Plagiarism: a misplaced emphasis" (1994), 14233 hits

#3, "Scientific fraud and the power structure of science" (1992), 12886 hits

#4, "The global health effects of nuclear war" (1982), 12301 hits

#5, "Against intellectual property" (1995), 10957 hits

#6, "Whistleblowing and nonviolence" (1999), 10225 hits

"Scientific knowledge, controversy, and public decision-making" [book chapter] (1995), with Evelleen Richards, 8933 hits

#7, "Ten reasons to oppose all Olympic games" (1996), 8243 hits

#8, "The social construction of drug debates" (1996), with David Dingelstad, Richard Gosden and Nickolas Vakas, 7776 hits

Social Defence, Social Change [book] (1993), 7278 hits

Technology for Nonviolent Struggle [book] (2001), 7135 hits

Nonviolence versus Capitalism [book] (2001), 7101 hits

Uprooting War [book] (1990), 6781 hits

#9, "Suppressing research data" (1999), 6598 hits

Nuclear Knights [booklet] (1980), 5649 hits

#10, "Technology in different worlds" (1998), 5606 hits

Challenging Bureaucratic Elites [booklet] (1997), with Sharon Callaghan and Chris Fox, 5553 hits

"Social defence: arguments and actions" [book chapter] (1991), 5103 hits

Note: there are statistical anomalies in the month-by-month hit figures collected by the university, for which I have been unable to obtain an explanation. I estimate the figures for html files to be several times too large. However, the ranking of publications is not likely to be seriously affected.

Hit figures are for my website only, at the location indicated by the link. Not included are hits for papers in online journals and hits for copies of publications at other locations, such as the University of Wollongong's Research Online.

Hit figures for books are for index pages only; hits on separate chapters and graphics files are additional to these totals.

Top 20 publications according to citations as given by the ISI Web of Knowledge, March 2007. The top 14 articles are indicated.

#1, "Captives of controversy" (1990), with Pam Scott and Evelleen Richards, 34 citations

Scientific Knowledge in Controversy [book] (1991), 33 citations

#2, "The critique of science becomes academic" (1993), 23 citations

The Bias of Science [book] (1979), 20 citations

Intellectual Suppression [edited book] (1986), with C. M. Ann Baker, Clyde Manwell and Cedric Pugh, 19 citations

#3, "Analyzing the fluoridation controversy" (1988), 16 citations

#4, "The arguments about RSI" (1988), with Gabriele Bammer, 13 citations

##5-7, "Repetition strain injury in Australia" (1992), with Gabriele Bammer, 11 citations

##5-7, "Who's a captive? Who's a victim?" (1991), with Evelleen Richards and Pam Scott, 11 citations

##5-7, "The sociology of the fluoridation controversy" (1989), 11 citations

#8, "Sticking a needle into science" (1996), 10 citations

#9, "The selective usefulness of game theory" (1978), 9 citations

Confronting the Experts [edited book] (1996), 9 citations

#10, "Science studies and activism" (2002), with Ned Woodhouse, David Hess and Steve Breyman, 8 citations

Random Selection in Politics [book] (1999), with Lyn Carson, 8 citations

#11, "Peer review and the origin of AIDS" (1993), 6 citations

##12-14, "The social construction of drug debates" (1996), with David Dingelstad, Richard Gosden and Nickolas Vakas, 5 citations

##12-14, "Gene Sharp's theory of power" (1989), 5 citations

##12-14, "Bias in awarding research grants" (1986), 5 citations

Social Defence, Social Change [book] (1993), 5 citations

Note: this list includes only social science publications. Citations to scientific publications - from the 1970s and 1980s - are greater, with over 200 citations to the top-cited paper.

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