Whistleblowers Australia

National committee

Postal address: PO Box U129, Wollongong NSW 2500

If you need advice or information, contact one of the members of the national committee or people listed on the the back page of the latest issue of The Whistle.

Cynthia Kardell
phone/fax (02) 9484 6895
email ckardell@iprimus.com.au

Vice President
International director
Whistle editor
Brian Martin
phone (02) 4228 7860
email bmartin@uow.edu.au

Vice President
Michael Cole
phone 0403 179 985
email michaeljcole@hotmail.com

Jeannie Berger
phone 0414 911 160
email jayjellybean@aol.com

Feliks Perera
phone 0410 260 440
email feliksfrommarcoola@gmail.com

National Director
Animal welfare; agriculture
Lynn Simpson
phone 0418 926 757
email lsimpson_5@hotmail.com

Committee members

Facebook administrator
Stacey Higgins
phone 0421 480 450
email stacey.higgins@hotmail.com

Katrina McLean
phone 0493 211 369
email mcleankatrina447@gmail.com

Christa Momot
phone 0411 701 288
email christamomot@gmail.com

Jeff Morris
phone 0439 476 474
email jmmorris@bigpond.net.au

John Stace
phone 0419 733 377
email Johnphrh@gmail.com

Public Officer and Record Keeper
Margaret Banas
email ziut49@optusnet.com.au

This document is located on

Brian Martin's website on suppression of dissent in the section on Contacts

in the subsection on Whistleblowers Australia