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Corporate Health Care

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During over 10 years confronting and exposing corporate practices in health care this web site has grown considerably making navigation through the many pages difficult. To organise the site, and help readers come to grips and find their way quickly I have developed a series of maps. These maps describe the structure of the site and briefly describe the contents of each page. The pages on the site are progressively being revised and modified to fit the structure and to update them. All of them are shown on the maps.

My efforts were primarily directed to analysing and exposing the nature of the market'. Specifically its trading in sickness, suffering and decrepitude for the benefit of shareholders in big companies. I sought to limit the intrusion of this market into Australia. The multinationals selected for most attention are those which threatened Australia.

SECTIONS: I have divided the site into sections using a rough tree like structure. Some pages belong and have been placed in more than one section. The sections provide different paths into the material and indicate the content of each page on the site.

THERE ARE LINKS at the top of each page on the site.

There are also large numbers of links between pages in different sections.

Links to pages outside the site are being changed so that they always open in a new page.

MANAGING WEB PAGES. The maps will open all links in a second window. This allows you to keep the maps open while exploring the pages. Pages will sometimes drop behind the maps and become invisible. Use the window menu of the browser to bring them back or better still open the pages you want and keep the maps in the dock when not using them.

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NOTE:- These maps are my blueprint for revising and reorganising the site. Some of the pages do not yet have links back to the maps. If you reopen the maps from the "Go" (or History) menu then the maps will not open in their own separate page. Simply open a second copy of the map from the links at the top of the map page and use the version that opens. Better still open the home page and reenter the map there.


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The Home Page gives an overview of the issues and links to the start page for each Section.

I suggest you scan the home page first and then use the maps to explore the pages and find what you want




LINK TO Map of initial web pages which

  • Issue a Disclaimer
  • Describe the History of the site
  • Give overviews, descriptions of the health system, and address theoretical considerations in coming to grips with health care. This is one way to start exploring the site especially for those interested in the social processes involved
  • Describe my background and my attempts to expose the problems and keep corporations out of Australian Health Care. This is another way of entering and exploring the site which will be an entry point for those interested in whistle blowing and dissent in health care.


LINK TO Map of the USA web pages.
The USA has the most mature health care marketplace, the problems are maximally expressed there, and US companies have opened branches across the world. The USA provides the key to understanding this marketplace. I urge anyone interested in this system of providing health care to read the main US page which gives an overview of the market.

These pages give the background to the US system. They describe and analyse the fraud and patient misuse which occurred across all sections of the US Health care marketplace. This should be of prime interest to anyone wanting to know why shareholder and market controlled health care is such a threat to citizens and to health systems across the world.

The pages examine

  • Joseph Califano's disastrous 1986 market recipe for fixing health care
  • The conduct of the giant hospital companies including Tenet Healthcare (National Medical Enterprises), Columbia/HCA (now simply HCA) and the rehabilitation giant HealthSouth
  • The Aged Care and Subacute Care Chains including Sun Healthcare, Beverly Healthcare, Vencor (now called Kindred Healthcare), Integrated Health Services, Genesis Health Ventures, Mariner Post Acute Network, Extendicare, National Health Corporation, Centennial Healthcare, and Guardian Healthcare
  • Managed Care
  • The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • The role of financial institutions, particularly Citigroup
  • System Processes and System failures in the USA


LINK TO Map of the Australian web pages
These describe the battle to introduce market medicine and the way it has been resisted. This should be of interest to Australians and to other nationals interested in the globalisation of market medicine.

Pages address

  • Early warnings and government policies
  • The invasion by mostly US Healthcare Multinationals whose practices are described in the US section of the site.
  • The operation of Australian hospital companies including Mayne Health, Alpha Healthcare, Ramsay and Healthscope.
  • Privatisation of Public Hospitals and Colocations
  • The Corporatisation of General Practice
  • Problems in aged care


LINK TO Map of the International Healthcare pages
The international pages have been rather left behind but there is some material about

  • The international expansion of corporate medicine.
  • Health and world trade agreements - (needs updating).
  • The World Bank - specifically a long criticism of a speech given there by Graeme Samuel a market theorist.
  • Some very limited material on
    • Canada
    • New Zealand
    • Europe
    • Singapore

The criticism of Graeme Samuel's speech highlights the contrasts between the market view of health care and the views of market critics including doctors and citizens. The pages link to others on the site and some might like to use these as another way to explore the material.


LINK TO Map of the pages dealing with Corporate Practices
I had been writing short pages about corporate practices and had just written a whole series in response to Graeme Samuel's extraordinary proposal to the world bank. These did not link to the other sections on individual corporations and I therefore drew them together into this section. Some are not as well researched as the other pages. They were my gut responses to what I encountered and read. Some were written in haste and annoyance and could do with editing or rewriting. There is overlap and repetition. This section needs a lot of work.

In spite of this I think there is enough material to stimulate thought if only to disagree. It also provides another route into the web site for those interested in the matters covered.

Pages accessed include

  • General Reviews of Corporate Practices, ideas, and behaviour.
  • Building on Ideas : links to some more theoretical pages and to pages which illustrate theory.
  • Words and Ideas in the Marketplace : Pages on demand, need, quality, altruism, probity, equity and similar ideas.
  • Trust, Professionalism and the Attack on Professionalism : a critical examination and defense applying the same frames of analysis.
  • Accountability, Regulation, Surveillance, Retribution and Accreditation : and why they fail
  • Structural Aspects : Pages look at stability, choice, not for profit care, efficiency and integrated systems.
  • The Consumer : a few pages which touch on the place of the patient and the community
  • Politics : Some general comments on the close link between health care corporations and political power.
  • Whistleblowing and Dissent : Pages I always wanted to write but never found the time. What I wrote needs a lot of reworking.


GO TO  Lessons for the Future : This is really the final page of the web site. In order to make some suggestions for a different sort of health system in the future I have looked at what has happened and at the understandings developed as I wrote all the web pages on this site. I am not prescribing another ideological solution but am suggesting the sort of road we should be following in the light of our past experiences and the understanding developed from it.


GO TO the Update Page
This gives the dates when new pages and sections were added and when significant upgrades were made. It provides ready links to updates for those who have used the site before.

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