Suppression of dissent

Basic information


Definitions of suppression of dissent; whistleblowing; whistleblower; repression; oppression

Speaking out: what you need to know
This leaflet, by Whistleblowers Australia, is intended for anyone, especially employees.

Suppression of dissent: what it is and what to do about it; version in pdf

Practical materials on whistleblowing
Whistleblowers should read these, if possible before blowing the whistle.

Contacts: where to obtain advice and support.

Documents: lots of material is available here on a range of topics and from various countries. Search to find what is most relevant to your interests and needs. Links are given to relevant sites.

Telling your story: how to go about writing your story, for yourself and/or others.


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Brian Martin
revised 20 June 2012; 30 April 2018