Whistleblowing: a practical guide

Brian Martin, Whistleblowing: a practical guide (Sparsnäs, Sweden: Irene Publishing, 2013)

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Whistleblowing: a practical guide
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Printed copies for purchase

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You discover some wrongdoing, such as corruption, injustice or danger to the public. What should you do? If you do nothing, the problem will continue. If you speak out, you become a target for attack - and the problem may still continue.

Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide tells how to assess your options, prepare for action, use low-profile operations, negotiate official channels, leak, build support and survive the experience. It is filled with sample cases that show what can happen when you make incorrect assumptions or fall into common traps.

The advice in this guidebook is based on the author's contact with hundreds of whistleblowers and dissidents, plus consultation with others experienced in the area. Although there are no guarantees of success, Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide can improve your odds of making a difference. Even if you never expect to challenge the system yourself, it will give you valuable insight into the dynamics of individual struggles and what is happening to others.

Brian Martin has been involved with issues of dissent and whistleblowing for over 30 years and has extensive experience with social movements. He is active in Whistleblowers Australia and edits its newsletter, The Whistle. Professor Martin has a PhD in theoretical physics and now works as a social scientist at the University of Wollongong. He is the author of a dozen books and hundreds of articles in diverse fields including dissent, nonviolent action, scientific controversies, strategies for social movements, democracy and information issues.

Whistleblowing: A Practical Guide is a revised edition of the 1999 book The Whistleblower's Handbook, with revisions throughout, two new chapters and additional comments from experienced whistleblower advisers.

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