Brian Martin: PhD student supervision (discontinuations and transfers)

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Only students who discontinued their degrees or transferred their enrolments are listed here.

Ross Colquhoun
1997-1999. Discontinued
Associate supervisors: Glenn Mitchell and Wendy Varney
Topic: A psychology of social action

Carolyn Hayes
University of Sydney, 1996-2001. Transferred to another supervisor and later discontinued
External supervisor; Sydney University supervisor: Stuart Rees
Topic: The suppression of dissent by bureaucratic and professional elites and its role in medical scandals: the case of Chelmsford Hospital

Kerryn Hopkins
2006-2011. Discontinued
Associate supervisor: Sharon Beder
Topic: A comparative analysis of the nuclear power debate in Australia and Canada

Keith McLeod
2002-2003. Discontinued
Associate supervisor: David Mercer
Topic: Stopping terrorism: policies in light of communication

Ian McNicol
1988. Discontinued after one year on moving to New Zealand
Topic: The social shaping of military technology

Deborah Osborne
2009-2011. Transferred from La Trobe University in 2009. Thesis submitted in 2011. Revisions not completed.
Associate supervisor: Chris Barker
Topic: Mobbing: a grounded theory

Michael Primero
1999-2002. Discontinued
Associate supervisors: Glenn Mitchell and Stewart Russell
Topic: The 'politics' of vaccination: a scientific controversy analysis

Miriam Solomon
1994-1998. Transferred from Macquarie University in 1994. Transferred to Australian National University in 1999 and subsequently discontinued
Associate supervisor: Jim Falk
Topic: Cacophonous democracy and international non-governmental organisations

Jasmin Sydee
2006-2009. Discontinued
Supervisor for completion of thesis; prior supervisor: Stewart Russell; associate supervisor: Kate Hannan
Topic: How are Pacific people responding to the threat of global warming


For all students listed, except external students, I was principal supervisor.

Enrolments were at the University of Wollongong unless otherwise indicated. Supervision of honours and masters students is not listed.

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