Brian Martin: PhD student supervision


Enrolment at University of Wollongong unless otherwise noted

Steve Brigham
1992-2004. Graduated 2005
Co-supervisor: Don Mixon
Thesis: Limitations of reason and liberation of absurdity: reason and absurdity as means of personal and social change. Case study: psychotherapy

Aloysia Brooks
2013-2016. Graduated 2017
Associate supervisor: Susan Engel
Topic: The annihilation of memory and silent suffering: inhibiting outrage at the injustice of torture in the War on Terror in Australia

Chris Brown
Sydney University, 2013-2017. Graduated 2018
External supervisor. Sydney U supervisor: Jake Lynch. Additional external supervisor: Marty Branagan, University of New England
Thesis: Towards the impossible dream: a framework for nonviolent revolution in India's Maoist conflict

Bessie Burgos
1999. Graduated 2000
Supervisor for completion of thesis; principal supervisor, 1996-98: Stewart Russell
Thesis: Rethinking technology transfer in the agriculture sector: the case of the Philippines

Lyn Carson,
Southern Cross University, 1993-1996. Graduated 1996
External supervisor; Southern Cross supervisor: Alan Davies
Thesis: How do decision makers in local government respond to public participation? Case study: Lismore City Council 1991-1995

Noriko Dethlefs
1998-2001. Graduated 2002
Associate supervisor: Rhonda Roberts
Thesis: Technology options for aged care in Japan

Anni Dugdale,
1988-1995. Graduated 1997
Co-supervisor: Evelleen Richards
Thesis: Devices and desires: constructing the intrauterine device, 1908-1988

Kathryn Flynn,
2004-2005 (transferred from University of Technology, Sydney). Graduated 2005
Associate supervisor: Wendy Varney
Thesis: Medical fraud and inappropriate practice in Medibank and Medicare, Australia 1975-1995

Richard Gosden,
1997-1999. Graduated 2000
Associate supervisor: Glenn Mitchell
Thesis: Schismatic mind: controversies over the cause of the symptoms of schizophrenia
Book version: Punishing the Patient, 2001

Jim Green,
1992-1997. Graduated 1998
Thesis: Reactors, radioisotopes and the HIFAR controversy

Mark Hayes,
Humanities, Griffith University, 1988-1991. Graduated 1995
External supervisor; Griffith supervisor: Wayne Hudson
Thesis: Domination and peace research

Patrick Hodder
2008-2011. Graduated 2012
Associate supervisor: Sharon Beder
Thesis: Climate conflict: players and tactics in the greenhouse game

Graham Howard,
1994-2004. Graduated 2005
Associate supervisor: Sharon Beder
Thesis: Legitimating astronomy

Jason MacLeod,
University of Queensland, 2010-2012. Graduated 2012
External supervisor; University of Queensland supervisor: Anne Brown; prior UQ supervisor: Kevin Clements
Thesis: Civil resistance in West Papua
Book version: Merdeka and the Morning Star: Civil Resistance in West Papua, 2015

Ian Miles,
2009-2014. Graduated 2014
Associate supervisors: Chris Barker and Anne Collett
Thesis: An activist reflects: personal narratives as a tool for social change

Andrew Monk
1994-1998. Graduated 1999
Thesis: Sustaining organic agriculture in Australia: the conflict and confluence of magic and the mainstream

Melissa Raven,
2002-2012. Graduated 2012
Associate supervisor: Sharon Beder
Thesis: Depression and antidepressants in Australia and beyond: a critical public health analysis

Brendan Riddick,
2009-2012. Graduated 2013
Associate supervisor: Anthony Ashbolt; John McQuilton
Thesis: Political violence and the management of outrage: the convergence of media and political power to conceal human suffering in the "war on terror"

Anna Salleh,
2000-2004. Graduated 2005
Associate supervisor: Stewart Russell
Thesis: Factors influencing journalistic coverage of the GM food and crops debate (Australia, 1999-2001) and prospects for critical journalism

Colin Salter,
2004-2008. Graduated 2009
Associate supervisor: Sue Dodds
Thesis: In terms most familiar. Technologies of whiteness in Australia and Canada: a comparative analysis
Book version: Whiteness and Social Change, 2013

Mary Scott,
2009-2015. Graduated 2015
Associate supervisors: Sharon Beder, Georgine Clarsen; principal supervisor, 2007-8: Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase
Thesis: Water privatization tactics: Cochabamba, Manila, New Delhi

Dalilah Shemia-Goeke,
2018-2022. Graduated 2023
Principal supervisor: Susan Engel*
Thesis: Strategic nonviolent action and multinational corporations

Majken Sørensen
2011-2014. Graduated 2014
Associate supervisor: Louise D'Arcens
Thesis: Humorous political stunts: nonviolent public challenges to power (also available in print)
Book version: Humour in political activism: creative nonviolent resistance, 2016

Sandrine Thérèse,
2002-2003 (transferred from University of New South Wales). Graduated 2004
Associate supervisor: David Mercer
Thesis: The colonisation of scientific uncertainty: liminality and agency in science boundary work

Nickolas Vakas,
2006-2007. Graduated 2007
Supervisor for completion of thesis; principal supervisor, 1998-2006: Stewart Russell; associate supervisor: Sharon Beder
Thesis: Interests and the shaping of an occupational health controversy: the BAe146 case

Wendy Varney
1992-1995. Graduated 1996
Thesis: The social shaping of children's manufactured toys

Don Want,
2017-2022. Graduated 2022
Principal supervisor: Andrew Whelan*
Thesis: Environmental effects on health: ignorance and undone science

Jody Warren
2008-2013. Graduated 2014
Associate supervisor: Sharon Beder
Thesis: The devil undone: the science and politics of devil facial tumour disease

Judy Wilyman
2007, 2011-2015. Graduated 2015
Enrolled at Murdoch University, 2008-2010
Associate supervisor: Andrew Whelan
Thesis: A critical analysis of the Australian government's rationale for its vaccination policy

Brian Martin's writings about attacks on Judy and her thesis


For all students listed, I was main supervisor for the period indicated. For students enrolled at other universities, my formal role was external supervisor. After I became an honorary professor, in some cases (*) I had to arrange for a colleague to be principal supervisor while in practice I took the lead role.

Enrolments are at the University of Wollongong unless otherwise indicated. Supervision of honours and masters students is not listed.

"It's nearly time to submit your thesis": notes for PhD supervisors in humanities and social sciences at the University of Wollongong, April 2014

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